Pet Care Contract

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As a parent, you want to give your child the best upbringing possible. They deserve the best, and they will get it. But your child might not understand that pets come with responsibilities, and these responsibilities should be accepted before receiving a pet. This pet care contract is a way for you to help them understand these responsibilities to be prepared when they receive their new pet.

A single-page PDF Pet Care Contract ensures that you and your kids understand the commitment and responsibilities that are caring for an animal requires. Written in clear language, the Pet Care Contract will help reduce your risk of a doomed adoption—and save you hours of hassle by guiding your child at the beginning instead on the end. Use it with children old enough to understand it and make their own decisions regarding how they care for their new pet.

The Printable includes:

  • 1-page high-resolution PDF document in A4 Letter size
  • Available in 3 different styles
    • Pet Care Contract (Feline Style)
    • Pet Care Contract (Classic Blue Style)
    • Pet Care Contract (Black and White Style)
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A great way to get your child to share responsibilities while setting limits and expectations.

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Pet Care Contract

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